Well it’s that time of day where I get a break from editing wedding photos and get to edit some of mine.

The latest is Weathered, a little building near Aurthur River that offered a rustic weathered look. The house interested me as the afternoon light reflected from its surfaces. Whoever owns the building needs to do some serious work to the gutters!

I decided to shoot this with the White Balance set to shade to enhance the already golden light. It seemed to work. Tell me what you think.

Well its back to the weddings….

Happy shooting



2 comments on “Weathered

  1. David Sobik says:

    Nice Leigh, any Photomatix on it? I spoke to Glen Cowans in Denmark he is one of the speakers in January. Nice bloke some unreal images for sure. check out his site!


    • No photomatix on it at all. Shot with Canon 85mm 1.2 handheld. Just used marcus bell action on it. The first one – (Print Shaper – Brush Detail – Signature)
      Then did a bit of dodging and burning. I think it turned out alright.
      Check out the new Rusted house image….I thought I might do a bit of a mosaic. Ill check out Glen Cowans site now.

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