What a busy day!

Well it all started at 4am, pitch dark outside and the crisp smell of smoke. Onward to the city. Am I crazy getting up at 4am?? Hmmmm…

Buildings and orange light I thought to myself – wouldn’t that look great.  I was still waking up when I got to the corner of St Georges Tce and William St in Perth where I shot this little pic. I went for the retro look so you should either like it or hate it.

By the time I got home I was a bit exhaused. However I didn’t stop there.  I Helped clean my brother in laws garage out and then went on to Cottesloe Beach for a smokey sunset with a mate Steve. The photos should be posted tomorrow as well as some music for the website :)

Happy Shooting.


One comment on “What a busy day!

  1. davidsobik says:

    No I love it Leigh, the smoke you guys was good for some cool images for sure. Thanks for the bird identification, must get a book!

    Cheers mate


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