Smoke Photography

Well I know what you may be thinking….. that these images are from Denmark or something? A bit alternative?

Thats smoke photography for you! These were taken in my lounge room using a Canon 1D MKIII & 85mm f1.2, tripod,  Canon Macro Twin Light, Canon 430EX Flash and a reflector. The black backgound was my newly purchased Canon T shirt that Adam Halsall designed on Red Bubble (thanks Adam).

Let me know if you think that the title of the image should be any different. It’s almost like those magic eye things. Everyone sees something different in the image. Enjoy

Well its back to the wedding photography for me.

Until next time Happy Shooting.



6 comments on “Smoke Photography

  1. davidsobik says:

    Alien is spot on for sure Leigh.

  2. Awesome don’t think i have ever seen anything quite like this before very creative!!

  3. danproud says:

    genius!! awesome stuff!!

  4. […] saw an awesome post on Leigh Diprose’s blog (check it out) and thought, heck, that is cool! So I gave it a go last night. Simple setup, pitch black room with […]

  5. danproud says:

    Hi again, I guess you’ve inspired me to give this a go Leigh! Check out my blog for my attempt. Thanks!

  6. Joshua Quirk says:

    Very nice Leigh! The first one could even be a smoken’ horse..

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