Home Page Updated

I’ve Just finished doing a update..time for bed I think!

I have fixed the problem when viewing the web page and blog using Internet Explorer. If you are still using this program STOP.  Download Google Chrome as you will have a much faster and better web experience.

The major work – I have added a much larger slide show with music on the home page. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment. I need feedback!

Check it out at


Have a great long weekend.




Reflections of light on a smooth ripply surface. What more could a photographer ask for?

Happy Shooting

Leigh Diprose


You can smell the pollen this close!

I need one of those Gitzo tripods like Christian Fletcher and Andrew Halsall….why do they get one free??….come on Andrew from Adeal cough it up!

I shot this handheld using a Canon Macro Twin Lite setup. I don’t want to look at it too closely as it might be soft and that wouldn’t make my day. Should I have used a tripod…..yer yer yer….


Leigh Diprose