2 Hours in Gero with Justin Moriarty

In Geraldton today after work with Justin Moriarty (Regional Business Manager West for Fujifilm – my boss in other words).

Went out to the port for some sunset shots. Ended up with over three hundred great shots! Perfect day out I say.

Heres a few that Justin shot. This man is secretly talented. Look out his the new man in town!

Going out to shoot some osprey shots tomorrow morning so I hopefully should have some posted soon

3D VR pano is just going to have to wait…sorry guys

Happy Shooting

Leigh and Justin


4 comments on “2 Hours in Gero with Justin Moriarty

  1. davidsobik says:

    Cool Leigh, but lighthouse falling over. Need one of those fancy tilt shift lenes!!

    Ordered that D3s yet???????????? heheh

    Cheers mate


    • Vertical is so 1895! We are in 2010 David. Justin didn’t want a static vertical object….dutch tilt is in!
      Two options static vertical or static diagonal. What’s your preference?
      Creative licence limited…
      Justin and Leigh

  2. Claire and Amanda says:

    The Lighthouse IS like that – it is windy Geraldton remember!!
    Claire & Amanda

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