At this stage my reaction was to pull the lens in, start the car very very quickly and power the electric windows up so I wouldn’t get eaten.

The setup I took to the Kruger worked for me. I took the following…

1x Lowepro Photo Trekker AW II,   1x Canon 1D MK III,   1x Canon 40D with grip,   1x Simga 10mm f2.8 fisheye,    1x Canon 85mm f1.2,    1x Sigma 120-300mm f2.8,    1x Sigma 2x teleconvertor,  1x Velbon Sherpa Pro 8 with Manfrotto Monopod Head,   160GB external HD,    Trusty HP laptop and various other camera accessories.

I hired a Kia Sportivo (never buy one they are horrible) for the height and seating arrangement. My carbon fiber Velbon Sherpa Pro 8 sat snuggly between the seat adjustment located on the right hand side of my seat and the door. It allowed me to shoot completely hands free with the 1D and sigma 120-300 & 2x convertor just a swivel away. Tracking subjects was easy. I will post some photos of some birds and Wild Dog that I drove next to while shooting.

All together I did about 1000kms at a top speed of 50kms.

Problems: Rental Cars are horrible in Africa. Book well in advance. The car you book is not the one you will ever end up with.

For my next trip I plan to go to the Okavango Swamps. Any keen photographers willing to put their lives on the line to get the shot let me know. I could use the bait!

Keep checking the blog to see a range of animals and the occasional landscape shot.

Until then. Enjoy


6 comments on “Lioness

  1. davidsobik says:

    Good story Leigh. Great image. They are a very big cat up close!

    Cheers man

  2. Danny V. says:

    How far away were you from that lion?
    You could have used great zoom, and it could have been 200m away.
    Or was it right next to your car.
    Anyway, just stirring.
    Great photos!!

  3. danproud says:

    Hi Leigh, sensational image!

  4. Adrian Wayte says:

    Leigh the crop on this image is great. The tight frame shows detail of the savage personality of this incredible feline. Awesome
    Cheers Adrian

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