Giraffes – Africa

If you have ever tried to photograph Giraffes in the wild you will know that it is tricky.

The tricky thing is knowing what lens to shot with.

Should it be a wide angle or telephoto?

Both present problems. In the end I went with the telephoto to crop any distracting trees out of the image. The only advantage I see that the wide offers is that you get the whole animal. This disadvantage is that end up looking like a tourist shot – something I’m keen to avoid.

Took this one at 1/1000 at f8 – 600mm. Looking at the image I’m kicking myself. I should have shot it vertical!



8 comments on “Giraffes – Africa

  1. shawnhayward says:

    a very unusual/different shot.
    nice work!

  2. Thanks Shawn. This was the first time that I saw two Giraffes show some kind of contact with each other. Normally they just are standing alone eating.

  3. davidsobik says:

    Very cute and cuddly. Ahh just crop it Leigh! Now if you had a Phase One…………..

  4. ……I would be able to see every tick and crop just the eye…..oh how I wish…one day David.

  5. hey man, just stumbled across this and your site in internet land, bouncing through links somewhere.

    i think we’ve met before- a pretty cold day up on Bluff Knoll a few years ago i’m pretty sure. I was the bloke who did an overnight trip down from Perth to catch the snow. and I think it was you up there??

    nice work on the blog and website. all looks fantastic

  6. Thats right Stephen it was freezing and the snow was falling. I remember it clearly. I forgot my gloves!

    Just had a look at your blog. You have some fantastic images mate well done! I will add you to my blog roll so others can find you.

    • Yeah I thought it was you. Was well worth it though wasn’t it.
      And I was finding it hard enough with the gloves I had on- I don’t know how you managed to stay up there for so long without!

  7. caileneamh says:

    definately non-touristy… very beautiful Leigh.

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