Blue Cheeked Bee Eater

Driving in Africa is an amazing experience especially when you get the change to see one of these!

Happy Shooting!

Leigh Diprose


10 comments on “Blue Cheeked Bee Eater

  1. davidsobik says:

    Beats the pants of the New Holland Honey eaters I was plinking at in my back yard today.

    Great looking bird Leigh.

  2. I recon David. The colours of the birds over there are just amazing! (I think everything is better in Africa!)

    Thanks for the comments guys

  3. yeah amazing colours. very beautiful bird :-)

  4. I will have to re edit this. I was told I have the wrong description sorry to all those bird folk out there.

  5. Tony Middleton says:

    What a stunning bird – Top work Leigh !

  6. bioblurb says:

    This is actually a lilac-breasted roller, not a blue-cheeked bee eater.

  7. bioblurb says:

    Still, a lovely photo!

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