This one’s for David

Well David you inspired me on the last image you posted…(If you haven’t see it click on David Sobik Photography on the blogroll on the right). Here’s my effort to get a reflection.



My Business Card

I’m at the stage where business cards are probably a good idea.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments on my new cards let me know. Bring on the constuctive criticism!

I wanted to create the card with a simple fresh look.



Happy Shooting!


Snow on The Stirling Ranges

Considering the recent cold snap I have decided to go through some images that have been sitting on my hard drive waiting to be posted on my site and blog.

I froze my fingers for this shot because I forgot my gloves – so I hope you like it.

Happy Shooting!

Leigh Diprose

Bibra Lake

Waking up was the hardest part today. My body just wanted to keep sleeping but I’m glad my mind was stronger because I had the best morning shoot ever!

The subject: Black Swans

Got to Bibra Lake (1 minute away) by moonlight and these were some of the results.


Until next time.

Happy Shooting!


Blue Wildebeest

I was lucky enough to sit and watch a small herd of wildebeest lazing in the midday sun for over an hour. They were in the open grouped quite close together.

The minutes passed and thoughts ran through my head that a lion might be creaping up stalking its prey. I think I may have been watching too many wildlife documentaries as this wasn’t the case.

However I was quite glad that I didn’t see a big cat as these muscular beasts offered numerous photo opportunities. They ate, slept and played like children with not a worry in the world. I could have been taking photos of them but I didn’t.  You see I was just happy watching them. Because some things in life are just meant to be enjoyed. The memory is in my head and thats good enough for me. Maybe next time….

Until next time

Happy Shooting!

Tomorrow I’m off to the local lake to get some frosty shots!

Red Billed Hornbill

And now…. (insert drum roll)….  for the other African Hornbill…..

I was actually photographing this bird when the huge grasshopper flew into the shot.

Unfortunately I missed the quick grab by the Hornbill but managed to get a sequence of shots of the squirming grasshopper trying to escape the beak of death. It was all over very quickly and gut free. I think it would have been quite crunchy!

Until next time…

Happy Shooting!