Banded Mongoose

As I was driving along looking for game this little guy popped his head out of the grass. So a quick turn around in the car and click!

Keep an eye out for tomorrows post – Blue Wildebeest!

Happy Shooting



8 comments on “Banded Mongoose

  1. mervfrench says:

    Great series from Africa , you must have had a burster of a trip !!

  2. nice work.
    really nice image, showing the critter in his natural environment.
    the surrounding grass has worked well

  3. wayte27 says:

    Hey Leigh, your trip to Africa has produced an impressive array of wildlife images.
    A few questions for you mate if you have time
    Did you go on a guided tour, Im not sure if you can do a self drive?
    When and where did you go.
    If so what company / accom. did you use and stay
    How long did you go for
    Most used lens ;)
    Would love to get some inside info for a future trip
    cheers Adrian

    • Adrian,

      It has been my second trip to Africa. This time it was quite a short trip as I had just started a new job and my boss was kind enough to still let me go.

      I spent a week driving in the Kruger National Park.
      I hired a KIA Sportivo (White – which was the wrong colour….It should have been a dark colour – too much reflection on the animals) and stayed at various places around the Park.
      I will post some video and maps where I stayed shortly.

      Total Kms travelled in the park was 1000km…at a top speed of 40kms

      Took about 4500 images.

      I went towards the end of of April.

      Gear I used – Canon EOS 1DMK III with Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 and Sigma 2x teleconverter. I used this combination on a monopod mounted in the car.

      I am planning on returning next year for as long as my holidays will let me. I will post more details at a later date…any photographers will be most welcome to join me as there will be some spare seats. Prices and dates are yet to be confirmed.

      I will be doing this a little bit different from last time…camping probably.

      Hope this answers your questions Adrian. I will hopefully find some time to post more info on the weekend.


  4. davidsobik says:

    More good stuff Leigh!

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