My Business Card

I’m at the stage where business cards are probably a good idea.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments on my new cards let me know. Bring on the constuctive criticism!

I wanted to create the card with a simple fresh look.



Happy Shooting!



8 comments on “My Business Card

  1. Emily says:

    Hey Leigh,

    Aron (my bf who is a graphic designer) suggested that rather than having all the photos on the back, you could do like 5 verions of your card where the whole back of the card is one photo while on the otherside is your details etc. So you have 5 cards which show the different fields or styles of your photography.

    If you need them printed – Aron can get them done cheap, unless you have already found someone to do them.

  2. Sound like a good idea. I was going to go down that road as I have heard of a place over east where you send them 5 photos and they print different ones on the back.

    However I wanted all my cards to look the same. I think its the perfectionist in me.

    I will take you up on the offer to get them printed though.

  3. davidsobik says:

    I like them Leigh, so much better than the standard boring ones out there. Shows you as a photographer, not just a wedding or xyz guy. Nice.

  4. mervfrench says:

    I’m going thru the same thing at the moment myself , it’s very hard to make a decision and stick with it.

  5. Mel comito says:

    Looks great Lee, good balance of your skill set, it works well to have a snapshot of the services you do in one place as often the people who book a portrait will be the ones who come back later for their wedding and baby stuff provided they know you provide all those services too. A number of the photographers I have worked with fit themselves into one niche area on their cards – many of these we did not contact about our wedding only to find out later they actually do weddings too. Was much fun.

  6. Thanks for the comments and dropping by Mel

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