Snow on the Stirling Ranges

I spent a bit of time on this photo trying to get it the way I wanted. Please let me know what you think.

By the way Stephen I think I have a shot of you on the top walking in the snow.  At some stage when I get the time I’ll post it.

Happy Shooting!


12 comments on “Snow on the Stirling Ranges

  1. shawnhayward says:

    very nice. Love it Leigh, can feel the cool frosty air from here.

  2. Danny V. says:

    Can’t agree more. Very nice shot Leigh, and not one bit of wildlife to be seen.

  3. davidsobik says:

    Cool, get it??? So you coming to Karijini??

  4. peta says:

    Nice image Leigh, it does look very cold.

  5. nice work again man. damn you for getting clear skies haha.

    would love to see the pic of me in the snow though if you can post it!!! :-) guess it’d be hard to tell if it was me as I think I was all balaclava’d up lol.

  6. Danny Scott says:

    Really cool shot Mate I cant wait to go there and test out my new camera, was this shot from recently.

  7. beautiful photo, wish I was fit enough to climb up there

  8. danproud says:

    sensational shot!

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