Russell Falls

Tasmania….beautiful, just beautiful



18 comments on “Russell Falls

  1. zoecomito says:

    So jealous right now Leigh – this is absolutely beautiful, well done. Can I order a print of this to put on my wall please.

  2. shawnhayward says:

    Sorry, that was actually me logged in under Zoe’s account – lol

    • Thanks for the comment Shawn. You can certainly order a print as soon as I find the time to put it on my website.
      I don’t think I will be making it up to Gero before Christmas. Probably be early in the New Year – be great to go for a shoot.

  3. Christian says:

    you nailed it mate. I did the standard shot and yours kills mine. Well done mate, one of your best. Must have had good teachers!!

  4. Pete hodgson says:

    Brilliant shot Leigh.

  5. timwratephotography says:

    cracker of a shot mate… absolutely awesome stuff

    Glad to see you got to Russell falls… must have been my good advice!

  6. Ian Oxwell says:

    That is an amazing image, well done! Can you please boast about your post processing. I am assuming you took 3 bracketed images to start off with and then processed as HDR in …
    If you can’t share, then it is still an awe inspiring image!

    • Ian, I haven’t posted a tutorial on this image but a my newest one from Tasmania. Basically both these images all use the same techniques that I go through on the latest post. If you have any questions let me know.

      • Ian Oxwell says:

        Thanks heaps Leigh,
        Very appreciated, I never would have considered you would have taken these as 5 shots in two separate areas, but it does make sense to get the most natural lighting for the two different exposure areas.
        So the slightly painted look of the fern in the foreground was due to the initial blending process of the unprocessed jpg’s?
        BTW – The new image also looks fantastic and great tut!

  7. Very nice, Leigh. Love the orange glow.

  8. Peta says:

    Great image Leigh …
    One of you best for sure

  9. stevensaul says:

    Amazing shot Leigh ! Light is nice and warm and like the low perspective :) cheers, Steve

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