Secrets Revealed

Well I have had a request from Ian Oxwell about what I did to the Russell falls image. (also Danny at Fujifilm wanting to see the original as well).
I have gone one better and shown how i processed the latest image. You can see the final image in the previous post.

So here it is – the total time spent on the image was roughly 3 hours. I got bored waiting for the lappy to process some things and walked away for a while.

Click the image to view a high res version.


6 comments on “Secrets Revealed

  1. davidsobik says:

    Or use a D3s…..hahah just kidding. Great tutorial mate, your getting clever.


  2. timwratephotography says:

    Nice work here mate – brilliant little tutorial on how you constructed the image in post. Awesome stuff.

  3. matt saul says:

    Nice mate,
    You have written the procedure for freaky details under your dodge and burn heading. Dno if you meant to do that?
    I find the best way to dodge and burn is:
    create a new layer, fill it with 50% grey and set the blend mode to soft-light. Then painting on it with a white brush will dodge and painting with a balck brush will burn (usually have brush opacity at about 5-10% and paint it in slowly).
    Some good tips in there!

    • Freaky Details is a little bit different. I used Calvin Hollywood’s method to dodge and burn – very similar to the method you described.
      Mate you have some awesome shots! Keep it up!
      I have added you to my blogroll.

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