“If you only visit two continents in your lifetime, visit Africa twice” – R. Elliot

Happy Shooting! Enjoy


10 comments on “Lioness

  1. Scott Free says:

    “If you only photograph two animals in africa, photograph the meerkats for your whole visit, the other animals suck” – Rudyard Kipling (probably..)

  2. davidsobik says:

    Leigh, probably the best images I have seen from your African trips!

  3. so envious of that trip to Africa, beautiful shots. Must get over there one day, my sister in law and her husband run a training school for wildlife guides over there

  4. yeah, my sister in law Dee used to be an office worker, went over there met and married her hubby bruce

    their site is here,

    I have no idea of Africa and how far they are from kruger which is where Id like to go

  5. Leigh, this top image is AWESOME!!
    I would be very proud if it was one of mine, well done!!!
    Love the quote too.

  6. peta says:

    Fantastic images Leigh, love the processing as well.

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