The Fujifilm Finepix X100

Look what I got my hands on!

Can’t wait to show you all some images that I took last night.

See you all at the Fujifilm X100 launch tonight!




7 comments on “The Fujifilm Finepix X100

  1. Adrian Wayte says:

    mmm… nice shot mate, lucky it didnt fall in between the jetty planks. I cant believe we were out there last night, Im suprised I didnt loose my lens cap or your flash unit for that matter.See you tonight with my new X100 !!

  2. Have you gone and got one as well Adrian? I should stun you all with my amazing Holga. :-)

  3. Eliza Hail says:

    Hey, just wondering if you could email me? i was the girl you met late last night with the mohawk. :)

  4. mervfrench says:

    You guys meeting girls with mohawks late at night !!!!!!!!!

    I don’t need to know anymore. :)

  5. davidsobik says:

    Sounds like I should have gone!

  6. Ut says:

    Hi, where to biy x100 in perth,wa and how muchthe price? Thabk you

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