Adrian & Skye

A big thanks goes out to Adrian and Skye for coming out for a shoot on such late notice to see the mighty X100 and play with some camera gear in the dark! If you haven’t already seem some of Adrian’s blog then check it out here.

We ran into trouble with this shoot as there was absolutely no light to focus the camera at all.  Adrian had to use his iphone torch app to shine some light on Skye and himself just so the camera would focus! Two 580EX II flash units were used for this image.


11 comments on “Adrian & Skye

  1. wayte27 says:

    yeah nice one Jamie
    what else do you do when there are no clouds around ;)

    Cheers Leigh was good to get out mate despite the lack of light!!

  2. Hey Adrian,

    Looks like we might have to head down to Albany to get some awesome shots.


  3. I would be up for a trip down Albany way. I’m sure David Sobik & Andrew Halsall would be too (considering they live there!)

  4. davidsobik says:

    Yep count me in. Stay here Leigh, no worries mate!

  5. Hey Leigh,

    Sorry just assumed from the majority of your photos that you were an Albany boy. :-)


  6. wayte27 says:

    Hey Lads, Im off to Walpole/Nornalup monday 18th until saturday lunch.
    So if we can arrange something lets do it. The saturday morning I will be heading back to Mandurah via Margaret River, Dunsborough so Im up for a shoot. We may struggle pulling David away from his stall at the markets though ;)

  7. I’m saving up for my next photography trip so I’m not going to head down that far south for another month yet. I’d be keen to catch up for a metro shoot, either this weekend or over the next couple of weeks. :-)


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