One Small Step

After a busy day I have still managed to find some time to share a photo with you all.

I remember a good mate of mine Andrew Halsall once said…always look behind you when you are out taking photos….you know what? He was right!

Off to walk the dogs now followed by the treadmill. For those of you who don’t know the plan for me is to loose 36kg – just image how much more camera gear I could carry! I started on the 10th March…so far 5kgs down 31kg to go!

Until next time

Happy Shooting.


4 comments on “One Small Step

  1. wayte27 says:

    Hey Leigh you will smash it mate Bring it on. As you know Skye my wife is full on into Triathlons and I thing Fletcher enjoys pulling on the lycra for some serious cycling. Any thoughts or concerns you should contact her. She has her own wordpress address
    Cheers Adrian

    Whats happening next week Im in walpole what are you doing bring a X100 with you !!!

    • Hey Adrian I wont go as far as the lycra – ever!
      Although I did buy a bike…maybe that is the first step! Oh dear!

      I will definitely keep an eye on Skye’s blog. To last 30 days without lollies now thats hard!
      I wish her all the best.

      Visiting Walpole (I have never been) is high on my priority list but unfortunately I will be working over the school holiday period. Over Easter I have set some time aside to renovate the house and garden.

      However I will be travelling to Albany sometime next month – I will keep everyone posted.
      I’m jealous that you are going to get some brilliant shots without me!

  2. shawnhayward says:

    like it.. fossilized caveman tracks.

    nice composition :)

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