I’m still here too!

Wow! I’m still here too!

Thought I better post one up in between renovating the back yard, living it up in the Hunter Valley, portraits,  Fujifilm (taking most of my time these days) and the family!

Shot on the Canon EOS ID MK III somewhere in Geraldton….I forget where….Shawn where was it again that we went?


5 comments on “I’m still here too!

  1. wayte27 says:

    Hey Mate
    We should arrange a shoot out with the fuji or fuji’s
    Nice to see your back. When is the BBQ at your place with the new garden hahahaha

    • For sure! A shoot sounds like a plan. Let me know where you want to go and I’ll be there.
      I will have to do a BBQ/pizza & beer at my place for all the bloggers once my backyard is finished.
      I just finished the fence. Mulch next followed by wood chips! My back is so sore!

  2. Mel & Shawn says:

    Hi Leigh! It was just south of the Greenough River Mouth… you need a GPS in your camera ;)


  3. shawnhayward says:

    Lol – I haven’t had much time to even go through the photos I took that day, was a nice little spot though, I might have to duck around there again one afternoon. Hopefully the smell of the river isn’t as bad now as it was then. Wow, that was awful. Great result though Leigh, was well worth the trek out there. :)


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