Neon Avian



Hope you like it!

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9 comments on “Neon Avian

  1. Seriously cool shot Leigh!

    • Thanks for the comment Katrina. Really like your new shots with the grad filters..
      tip – make sure you are using the smallest filters if they are screw on types.. they are called HMC filters by Hoya.
      Did you get Lee filters?

  2. davidsobik says:

    Leigh mate this is your calling! That spotlight is blinding, so real good stuff.

    • Thanks David.
      I really enjoy taking photos of people at the moment I am not charging for portraits…just practising a few different techniques.
      So if anyone would like to put their names down to have a shot taken of them please let me know. No charge at the moment

  3. shawnhayward says:

    Wow – love it Leigh, well done!!!

  4. Love this, my son is in a band and whoever takes their shot is pretty much crap so to see what can be done with a good photographer is great

  5. Cheers Julie! If he ever wants his band photo taken let me know! Be happy to do it at no charge :)

  6. shaun kent says:

    G’day Lee,

    Its Shaun here, thought i would finally get on here after having a hectic weekend :)

    this pic looks great man, and dont forget im there under the profile kenty

    it would be good to go out and take some pics one day :)

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