The Bird Flu Flew

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely terrible for my health.  It seems like I have just been sick non stop! Last week I have had a HORRIBLE virus/cold that has put me in bed for the majority of the weekend. Being stuck indoors is one of my biggest fears! I had to do something and quick! I grabbed the nearest set of car keys and picked up my camera with wide angle attached and set off.

Bibra lake was freezing! Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea! I killed two birds with one stone though. I have just finished putting together a multirow shoot that Ash from Camera Electronic was requesting…it should be up later on this evening so stay tuned. I much happier with the video quality on my tutorials so over time there should be some more coming.

This image of a Welcome Swallow was shot using my Canon 17-40mm f4.


4 comments on “The Bird Flu Flew

  1. I love that lens! Beautiful shot Leigh, I do hope you feel better soon :)

  2. davidsobik says:

    Great BIF Leigh! Who needs a 600mm F4 AF-S II? Get well soon mate.

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