Moora – Video Tutorial Final Result

I  just finished a video for you all on how to get the following stylized result. Considering the time (wee hours of the morning!) there is bound to be some mistakes. Ahhhh this takes me back to all-nighters in Sydney editing films and commercials! MMMMMmmmm COFFEE!!!!

The tutorial comes with the following recommendations/warnings:

1) Turn on the kettle and pour a nice hot beverage

2) Even better….just head straight to the wine cabinet

3) Take notes!

4) Don’t fall asleep.

Finally,  if  this tutorial has helped make sure you repost it on you’re site so others can share the love. Just copy and paste the following link:



2 comments on “Moora – Video Tutorial Final Result

  1. Awesome shot Leigh! Thanks so much for the video too (and the occasional chuckle). I have been trawling the web for a simple way to drop something into an image, and everything has been way too technical for my brain. You made it look easy, so now I just have to try to transcribe the instructions and follow them myself :) Cheers Tina

  2. wayte27 says:

    Mate love this old shack and great tutorial on it cheers Adrian

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