These images were taken in the Perth hills – my new backyard. All shot on the 85mm f1.2 (non photographic people might have to look that lens up!)






5 comments on “Butterfly

  1. Dana says:

    Have been looking into that lens in comparison to the 1.8. What are your thoughts on buying the 1.2 instead of the 1.8?

    P.S. Love the shallow depth of field in your images.

    • Hi Dana,
      Thanks for the comment. I have only used the f1.2 lens. I must say though if you are after a shallow depth of field then this is the lens for you.
      When I was looking at purchasing the f1.2 I did look at the f1.8. The construction won me over on the f1.2.
      I know if I did purchase the f1.8 lens I would have regretted not paying the little bit extra to get the f1.2.
      If price doesn’t worry you then definitely go the f1.2

      Keep up the great photography :)

  2. shawnhayward says:

    Nice BIF Leigh! (Butterfly in flight)

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