Hemidactylus frenatus (aka gecko)

If you are at the 2011 Bloggers and Photographers Get together coming up on the 30th October 2011 you might see one of these little geckos!

For the photography fans out there…shot on the Canon EOS 1D MKIII with the Canon MPE-65 macro @ f2.8

This is probably one of the last of my Canon EOS 1D MK III images to be posted as I have recently upgraded to a Canon EOS 1D MKIV….the new love of my life!

Happy Shooting!



3 comments on “Hemidactylus frenatus (aka gecko)

  1. when I saw the title I was glad you said its well known name, Id have never guessed what on earth it was before I saw the photo. Nice macro of the little guy

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cute little dude … in a Jurasic sort of way.

  3. Great macro of this cute little gecko, can’t say I am keen to get that close though.

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