Canon EOS-1D X

Well the camera of the YEAR is finally here! (well the specs…)

The specs on this beautiful piece of machinery stand out over the Nikon D3s and the previous Canon EOS 1Ds MKIII & Canon EOS 1D MKIV by a long shot! Having used all the above cameras I can’t wait to test this full frame sensor on a wedding; find the lowest lit landscape to workout the ridiculous noise capability or even photograph the wildest beast in Africa at 14 frames per second.  Photography never looked and sounded so good.

Boasting a massive 18.1MP full frame Complimentary Metal Oxide Sensor; ISO range 100 – 204800 (expanded); Dual Digic 5+ image processors for amazing processing speeds and enhanced noise reduction; 14 bit image processing and to top it off the camera has been reworked to house 2x CF card slots instead of the previous CF and SD slots.

On the video side the camera has gone to the next level incorporating timecode – which is essential for broadcast productions so that multiple cameras can be synchronised perfectly. Something I will be getting into in the future.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one. This camera is a MUST for my growing kit.


Want to know more?

Check out:

Canon or DPreview


5 comments on “Canon EOS-1D X

  1. caileneamh says:

    race you there ….. ;)

    (wishful thinking that would be!) Beautiful piece though! Do keep us posted when you do get your hands on one…. we can live vicariously through your tales of wonder :)

  2. It all sounds good to me apart from going down to 18mp from 22 Leigh?

    When it was rumoured to be 34mp this is a very big let down for me!

  3. David Sobik says:

    Should be under ten grand?? Looks good Leigh. Nikon had a huge jump for 4 years so imagine what the D5 will be like!

    Hope the ISO is easy to change!! hahaha

    See you next week mate.

  4. Michael I says:

    As a part owner of press release service and press distribution website (, we see and work with all types of camera manufactuers images, cameras and bodies. Looking at images within a press release, the 18mp of the new Canon 1D X are much more than enough.

    Fact is if one requires more than 18mp (which is perfectly capable of printing up to 48″, perhaps they should be looking for a medium format type device.

    Nice to also see the improved 400,000 cycle shutter, and an improvement on blackout. Hopefully, time to deliver will actually be end of March! Lets keep our fingers crossed. I know our journalists will love this camera. Great combination of speed, autofocus and decent enough megapixel for print. Lets see what the real world tests return though.

    Excellent on Canon! Looking foward to your new camera!

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