FroKnowsPhoto Raw Edit 52

I have been following Jared’s posts for a while now and decided that it was time to contribute to the RAW edit – Week 52.

Quite a good idea really. You download the provided RAW image and edit how you like then post it to the forum. Some of the work on the forum is truly amazing!

Here is my take on the RAW file:



Here you go Ian. You can see the results. Maybe this is something I should do from now on. Post the finished versions after the video.

Thanks for stopping by!


The original RAW converted to JPEG


and the edited RAW converted to JPEG


3 comments on “FroKnowsPhoto Raw Edit 52

  1. Ian says:

    Hi Leigh,
    Nice vid, can you post a jpg of raw and finished here as well? Quality of your work kind of hard to see in the video.
    Have a great day mate


  2. Krysta says:

    OH! I also followed the Fro for a while! Didn’t think many other people knew him! Good job!

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