Gordon River

Not sure if I like this photo. Shooting into the sun can be difficult at times. I find that lens flare, silhouettes and contrast issues are normally the result when I include the sun in any photo. Maybe I should have shot with image as a HDR….

What do you think? Any tips for shooting directly at the sun?


6 comments on “Gordon River

  1. Gee mate, I would be stoked with an image like this. Seriously beautiful!!

  2. I like it, very nice shot. What I’ve been wondering is how so many people who shoot outdoor portraits get that lovely lens flare look in the perfect place, are they shooting without the lens hood or what? I’m kind of addicted to keeping my hoods on the lenses

    • Julie, I know the shots you are talking about. Most of that can be achieved in Photoshop not by having or not having a lens hood on. However I think that lens flare can be a good thing if it is used correctly. I also tend to shoot with my lens hood on. However if you are shooting directly in into the sun (ie including the sun in your photo) lens flare is very hard to avoid. I just wish there was some sort of filter that would help. Maybe I might need to develop one!

  3. yeah I know with my version of PS which is ancient, there is a lens flare option, have used it on occasion but Im sure that the photos I see online are achieved in camera

  4. Sue-Ann Tilby says:

    I love it, the sun always draws me in :)

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