Gday from Australia! Friday Flickr Photoset Critique

I decided to send a flickr photo set to Adam Lerner (as seen on for the Friday Flickr Photo Critique.

I was glad to hear some constructive criticism from all the viewers and Adam about losing the photo frames around my images.

The most recent images I have posted on the blog have the new watermark on them and no more frames! YAY!

To answer some of Adams questions about the images I have put together the following:

Where the images were photographed and some of the before and after photos after my Photoshop brush got to them.

Adams Friday Flickr Photoset Critique on Youtube can been seen here:

Adam Lerner – Friday Flickr Photo Critique

My brief response to Adams youtube clip:

The first image was taken at Russell Falls in Tasmania. The final image was made from a 6 image stitch.

The second image of lavender has had some tones added to the photo

The third image was taken at the Pinnacles in Western Australia. I stood in the desert holding an umbrella protecting my camera from the strong wind. The total exposure time was 4 hours. I waited for the sunrise to get the golden light on some of the Pinnacle formations.

The fourth image has been shot against a cloudy sky. To have a clean white background. Adam you were spot on!

The fifth image of the saltlake footprints was taken near Karratha, Western Australia

The sixth image of the police officers has been heavily edited (see below)

The seventh image was taken from a hot air balloon at sunrise in the Hunter Valley, Western Australia

The eighth image has had a slight crop…roughly 2 percent of the image. I captured the Osprey with a Canon 400mm f5.6 after getting extremely close to it.

The nineth image has been warmed up to capture the sunrise. Taken at Gordon River, Western Australia

The last image was taken at Port Hedland. I got up really early for this sunrise (looking over a bay)

Below is the before and after of a few of the images….original image is on the left and edited is on the right.

Please note: The first original image of Russell Falls isn’t the original image. I don’t have a saved copy of the original edited one….this one is very similar…you should get the idea.

Thanks again to Adam for choosing my images to critique. Keep up the brilliant tutorials on lighting and general photography and I look forward to the next spreecast you do with Jared Polin (

If you are new to the blog I would love to hear your feedback…so feel free to leave me a comment.


6 comments on “Gday from Australia! Friday Flickr Photoset Critique

  1. David Sobik says:

    Yes that’s what I said about the frames!

  2. I’m not a fan of frames but do use them myself, or borders. But I honestly think they do sometimes take away from the photo some of the impact, likewise so does a background colour on a blog so I was recently told LOL that’s why I changed mine to black.

  3. shawnhayward says:

    He does NOT like borders. Lose the borders Leigh!!

    very constructive feedback though!!

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