Google+ Hangout – Photography Chat

In approximately half an hour (1am Perth time) be sure to watch or engage in the live google+ hangout I will be hosting called “Photography Chat”
+Leigh Diprose on google+ to watch!

Here is what Lord Miles Parker (and yes he is an actual Lord) had to say about the last hangout I hosted yesterday:

I attended one of my favourite hangouts in recent week last night courtesy of +Leigh Diprose. The topic of discussion was Sharing good practice when it comes to photography. As the hangout went on we watched the sun come up through his window, and welcomed in New Years Eve.

+Leigh Diprose is a Great Photographer, recently arrived on G+ and he is based in Australia, he has a wealth of excellent images to share with the community and last night was his first hangout, unsure of the response he took the plunge and it paid off.

We had +Vitaliy Darovskikh sharing images of his back yard… which included an ice-rink and some deer. +Justin Hill was also there sharing images of close up insects and a particularly tricky macro of a tigers face. +Randy Ksar was busy sharing images of scenic Canada, and +mark helm was sharing amazing macro images of bugs

+Leigh Diprose has said he will be doing more hangouts on a regular basis, so circle him and hangout with this amazing photographer.


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