Nikon D4


COULD this change me forever? The colour red be no longer? Will I be seeing yellow from now on?

All I can say is just wait….Canon WILL be bringing something bigger and better shortly!





4 comments on “Nikon D4

  1. Lookin pretty good there Leigh!

    Whats the dynamic range like and how would you rate it against the 1Dx?



    • I would imagine that the dynamic range would be slightly improved from the D3s. From what I have learned the noise reduction on the sensor is much better. ISO 6400 on the D4 is equivalent to ISO 3200 on the D3s. You should get a couple of extra stops in low light.
      I will be interested to see what the high res images are like. There will be another post as soon as I get my hands on one.

  2. what only 11 FPS? dont the 1DX do 14?

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