Nikon D4 Video

The quality of the video on the new Nikon D4 is breathtaking to watch.  Frame rates on this camera range from 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24 (approx). High and normal quality can be selected across all video options which means even slowmotion looks amazing!

Why is the video so good? Check out this video that was filmed on the Nikon D4. It explains itself!


4 comments on “Nikon D4 Video

  1. nice, do you have any of the new canon released a little while back? would love to know the differences

    • Julie I will be waiting for the new Canon to come out before doing any comparisons however you should be able to check on the differences by comparing the two cameras side by side. Just do a quick search on google to find the specs on both cameras..

  2. Oh I thought the new canon was already out, my mistake :-)

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