Australia Day Skyshow 2012

Here is the first of my photographs taken at the Australia Day Skyshow 2012 in Perth, Western Australia. I will post some more next week.

Make sure you share this image around if you like it. Enjoy.


31 comments on “Australia Day Skyshow 2012

  1. wow awesome capture, fireworks and natures own fireworks

  2. Amazing shot, love the lightening strike in it.

  3. mervfrench says:

    Take the distortion out of the buildings and you have a nice shot Leigh.

    • I did do that in Lightroom using the lens profile correction. However I changed it back to the original. I really like the distortion. Makes it seem a little more amateur / off the wall. Having distortion in the photo is the in-thing to do now days..who needs a tilt shift lens now?? Next there will be shopping trolleys falling from the skies….come on Merv get with the times ;) hehehe

  4. Brilliant image mate.. your hard work and effort paid off! :)

  5. Dianne says:

    Love it !!!

  6. Nick Lance says:

    Great shot! One image and you summed it up perfectly.

  7. RMS says:

    Thanks for sharing your talent – great shot

  8. Ange says:

    I knew someone would get a great shot like this! Job well done, but I think I’m with Merv on the distortion.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic shot…Awesome!!

  10. Karen elzer says:

    Just great

  11. Karen elzer says:

    Just great thanks for sharing

  12. Vikki says:

    Yep – pretty spekky photo and a rare opportunity!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Stunning shot, well done.

  14. Ian Beattie says:

    Reblogged this on Ian Beattie Photography and commented:
    How’s this for an awesome image by local photographer Leigh Diprose

  15. Sandy Green says:

    Great picture! Thanks for the follow!

  16. Awesome!
    Thanks for the following……

  17. The distortion makes the buildings appear to be leaning towards the lightning and the fireworks, a cool effect. You really got lucky…and then took advantage of that luck. Great job!

  18. Aaron King says:

    Awesome!!!!!!!!! no more words……

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