Virtual Photo Walks

I took this image in Fremantle, Western Austraila. Please read on…..

Virtual Photo Walks in Fremantle

As you all probably are aware social media is a massive part of my life. My social media coverage is expanding rapidly and I feel that I have to give back some of my knowledge and time to photographic community. I do this by offering as much advise that I can give out as well as free Fine Art Photographs.

This is reaching its limit due to my lack of free time. I currently work extremely hard running Leigh Diprose Photography BlogLeigh Diprose Photography, Brides Perth, CameraED (coming very soon) and Valentine’s Camera House but I feel like I am not doing enough for the non photographers out there. So the next stage of my community outreach is through Virtual Photo Walks. My other outreach programs will continue as I have received a lot of positive feedback regarding the free Fine Art Photographs as well as the photographic and social media advise.

Enough about me! Let me fill you in – Virtual Photo Walks started just over 4 weeks ago by a few of my friends on Google+.  John Butterill.

Simply Virtual Photo Walks is “To Know –  To Care  – To Act.” A photographer hosts a Google Plus Hangout and streams the feed live to a disabled community who don’t have the opportunity to get outdoors or even out of their beds. The hangout is interactive with many participants requesting what to take photos of during the LIVE feed. The feeling of bringing joy to someone who can’t walk just by climbing stairs  is heartwarming and an emotional experience for many of the participants.

You will see me posting links and photographs about Virtual Photo Walks. I plan on doing my next Virtual Photo Walk with Paul Pichugin who is also behind this fantastic cause. If you know of anyone who may benefit from participating in these Virtual Photo Walks please drop me an email – and I will get you in touch with the right people.

Some history for you (taken from the Virtual Photo Walks about page – edited)

How Virtual Photo Walks came about

Virtual Photo Walks came into existence as a result of a series of random events. I was out for a walk and saw that +Don Noll had started I hang out on G+. As we chatted in the hangout I was also trying to manage my IPhone and the Nikon D 7000 at the same time.

We talked about having an extension arm on the phone or something to make handling the phone easier to handle. After the hangout I was looking at my camera and the phone and suddenly realized that all that was needed was a hot shoe adapter for the Gymbl (  ) which I was using as a phone case.

The +Gymbl which by designed by +Gordon Fowler (youbiq) for doing virtual reality tours it comes with a tripod, IPhone case, and an adapter that allows it to sit on a tripod.

I called Gordon and suggested putting an adapter on the bottom of the Gymbl so that it could be mounted on the hot shoe of the DSLR.

With the IPhone mounted in this way I went for my next walk, I fortunately came upon a Barred owl and thought I would show it to my friends on Google+  I contacted them and they watch me photograph the owl, on google+ hangouts. +Andy Gray took some screenshots of that and posted them with his comments on his page

+Andy Gray  –  Feb 6, 2012 (edited)  –  Public

We had an interesting Hangout earlier as we joined our friend+John Butterill on a walk through the Canadian countryside spotting wildlife to photograph. To broadcast these John uses an#iPhonemounted on a +Gymbl iPhone holder attached to the hotshoe on his +Nikon DSLR, which kinda makes the whole thing look like someone wielding a bazooka in a 1st person shooter to us!

At the point you see below he was photographing a Barred Owl (Not a Barn Owl as previously stated). He’s since posted an excellent shot of the owl perched in a tree from later in his wildlife walk. We were all kind of excited because we realized this was a new way of going on photo shoot.

The next evening I was in a hangout with +C.Cory Fisk . She is bed ridden and was talking to +Helen Sotiradis  +Don Noll +Rogier Root about how the only thing she could photograph was what she could see out her window. I simply spoke up and said Corey I’ll take you on a photo shoot, and you can tell me what you want to take pictures of because you will be seeing through the IPhone on Google+  what I can see through the viewfinder. The next day we did our first, now called a +Virtual Photo Walkwith +Don Noll , +AndyUnknown, +RogIer Rood who recorded it for You Tube. You can watch on channel Jbutterill or on the + Virtual Photo Walks page. We all had a lot of fun and it went very well.

Following that I was in a hangout with +Frank Garufi Jr and he was telling me about his son going into the hospital for an infusion which is very uncomfortable and painful for an 8-year-old. Again I simply said I’ll take him for a photo walk around my community and keep them distracted during the process, this was a great fun event and it was not recorded but Frank took a few pictures of his son during the photo walk watching me on the computer. +Frank Garufi Jr then posted them with a very emotional thank you for me doing it. This post was number 8 on what’s hot on Google+ for about 8 hours on Friday the day of the photo walk.

+Frank Garufi Jr.

Crohns Colitis – My Son’s Battle

Domenic’s Infusion for February 2012

Some of you might remember the interview that +Shefali Burnsdid with me, back in the beginning of January, about Crohns Colitis disease and how my son has been battling it since he was born ( ). Its a constant struggle for him, and unfortunately, one that he’ll have to struggle with for the rest of his life.

One, of the many, things we have to do is a monthly infusion of a medication called Remicade. The entire process is roughly 6 hours long and requires it to be administered in the hospital ( Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia ).

Today was our scheduled appointment for the month of February and Domenic got a special surprise thanks to +John Butterill and the sheer power and greatness of +Google+ Hangouts.

Armed with his IPhone, Nikon camera, and probably 10 layers of clothing, +John Butterill took my son on a photo walk around Rosedale, Ontario, Canada while he was getting his infusion done. Domenic loved every minute of it! For the hour that John braved the harsh weather conditions to show my son around Rosedale, my son didn’t have to worry about blood pressure cuff’s squeezing his arm too tight, the uncomfortableness of having tubes stuck through his arm, the drip rate of the medicine “burning” him ( the meds must be administered at a specific rate per hour ), or having to be stuck in a hospital when he much rather be at school!!!

+John Butterill is nothing less than a saint in my eyes! He brought a TON of joy to my son today, of what otherwise would have been, another excruciating day for him! This isn’t the first time John has done it either. He took +C. Corey Fisk on a similar photo walk ( ).

From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU +John Butterill!!!

Dom – February 2012 Infusion with Photowalk (7 photos)

Frank and I along with +Bruce Garber+Gordon Fowler and others decided that there should be a page  on Google+ to spread the word about this exciting way to help people.

Now we have that page and photographers around the world are stepping up to help conduct photo walks around the world. Events  are scheduled in Amsterdam Rome Germany Canada Australia New Zealand.


2 comments on “Virtual Photo Walks

  1. Andy K says:

    Taking me a while to catch up with your posts Leigh. Love the ‘Photo Walk’ concept. I’d really be interested in being apart of something similar with bikes! You’ll have to let me know if you come across anyone else who’s keen. Keep it up my friend.

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