Going the Grunge with the Fujifilm X Pro 1

Fremantle, Western Australia known as ‘Freo’ to the locals is full enthusiasm for late nights, premium local beer, unique fashion and great coffee. The heritage city hosts a mixture of eclectic stereotypical hippies, hipsters, skaters and artists who all bring their own flavour to the streets and stores. I wanted to capture a glimpse into the culture that is Freo so I headed off on foot with the Fujifilm X Pro 1. Instantly I thought of the local Wool Stores where an assortment of posters and urban art coincide to bring life into the old heritage building. I thought a grunge theme would best showcase the building at night.

I was quite impressed with the sharpness of the cameras sensor within both photos. The light trail left by the bus in the square photograph created depth and interest within the long exposure. I found that it really broke up the plain brick wall into something interesting.

Fujifilm X Pro 1 – ISO 200 – 18mm – f10 – 30 sec

Fujifilm X Pro 1 – ISO 200 – 18mm – f2 – 1/4 sec



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