Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro

“Super Cool”  is my explanation of this ground breaking product.

Microsoft have certainly created some amazing hardware products over the years. The amazing team at the Microsoft Redmond campus has been busy.  Designers, development engineers, manufacturing engineers, industrial designers, hardware testers have been busier than Santa at Christmas creating a revolutionary product that showcases the best of design and powerful performance. An idea for a revolutionary product has progressed through numerous prototypes and countless man hours to evolve into something beautiful. The product I am talking about is Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro. The technology is complex and the high-end product is perfect, high quality and beautiful. Period.

Build as a stage for Windows 8, Surface is a device that fits perfectly into your hands due to a perfect design of a 22 degree beveled angle to the outer edge of the tablet.

Creative and productivity has a new home. The Microsoft surface is available will be available in two different models – Surface for windows RT (available as a 32GB or 64GB tablet) and the Surface for Windows 8 Professional (available as a 64GB or 128GB tablet).

Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro is the perfectly designed product for now and the future generations.

The tablet has been moulded from VapourMg a product made from mostly magnesium to allow durability and seamless design.  Each individual layer of the VapourMg housing has been individually moulded to .65mm with precision allowing for a rigid and seamless design. The case takes approximately 152 steps to get to the final stages of development.

Some of the stand out features on the device would have to be the built-in kickstand and the touch cover.

The built-in kickstand is constructed from the same VapourMg and is only .7mm thick. This has allowed the kickstand  for seamless integration within the tablet housing. The Microsoft team wanted to create an emotional attachment to the end user so the feel and sound of the kickstand was very important, when the kickstand closes it sounds like a high-end car door closing. Amazing!

The Surface Windows 8 Pro features a magnetic accessory spine which connects the touch cover by simply ‘clicking’ in. The touch cover and in fact all the Surface products are all perfectly designed to work together due to all products being designed together.

Once connected the Touch cover will automatically change the colour of the screen to the colour of the touch cover. An outstanding feature of the touch cover is the built-in keyboard located on the inner cover.  The keyboard touch cover is an amazing 3mm thin and has been designed just like a book cover. Once connected the spine of the tablet feels like a book. You can also fold the cover back as it has a accelerometer built into it to notify the tablet when it isn’t in use.

The keyboard measures touch 10 times faster than any keyboard that is currently on the market allowing the user to touch freely and quickly. However if you are like me an prefer touching keys Microsoft have developed an additional Type Cover. Type Cover keys have a 1.5mm travel allowing the user to touch type with ease. Both the Touch Cover and Type Cover feature a trackpad.

I am told Surface Windows 8 Pro will be available to purchase three months after the release of Surface for Windows RT.

Connectivity needn’t  be an issue as both Surface devices feature dual high performance antennas for WiFi (currently the only model on the market to do so). The performance of the tablet delivers the same power of a high-end PC so it won’t hinder the creativity of the user. The Intel 3 generation Core i5 processor allows the user to perform heavy tasks like editing image in Photoshop something I am looking forward to.

Sharing your creative designers or ideas is simple. You can connect the 1080P Gorilla Glass 2.0 tablet to a HDMI connection to enhance your broadcast. USB is also an option so if you are on the road like me charging your phone has never been easier!

The actual transfer speed of the device is five time faster than USB 2.0 – For example 1GB of high quality photos only takes 5 seconds to download so dealing with large format photographs has never been so easy. I can’t wait to see what the Fujifilm X Pro 1 photos will be like on the device. I’m sure they will be beautiful.

I simply can’t wait for this device to hit retail shelves. I know for once I will be in the line to get my hands on one of these amazing products. I hope you can come on the technology journey with me. If not sit back and relax as you will find my future roaming posts will be created on one of these marvellous devices.

Until next time.

Happy Shooting.


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