cameraED Week 1 – Landscape Photography

Everything has a beginning right?….it can only grow and get better from here!

Join me for the first official cameraED YouTube video as I travel out to Port Gregory located in Western Australia to photograph a landscape scene.

cameraED will be growing every day into a site that will be available for every budding photographer out there, professional or beginner.  So sit back and enjoy the weekly videos all about photography!




Below is the final image I managed to capture before the battery died again!

Canon EOS 1D MK IV – ISO 50 – 40mm – f5.6 – 0.5 sec



One comment on “cameraED Week 1 – Landscape Photography

  1. shawnhayward says:

    HAHAHA – Love it!
    I’m never touching your batteries again, just saying.
    Oh and next time….don’t leave your charger at my place!!!!

    At least it was all worth it for that view :-)

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