Fujifilm X Pro 1 vs Sand Dunes

I found myself standing in front of billions of grains of sand forming a monumental mountain. The dirt danced in the air as short breaths of wind thrust the sand about. The wind howled, choreographing its own sandy air show. Sand clouds appeared before me – rising and falling in unison as they laid to rest upon the great dune. The sand was forever forming and changing.

I had a small window of opportunity to capture the magnificent wonder. My time was short and my lips were becoming parched from the windy conditions. I felt the threat of rain steadily approaching as the blackening gang of clouds rolled over toward me.

The camera strap felt secure around me neck as the cold wind tried to flatten me. My heels buried into the forgiving sand as I lined up for the shot. With a short steadying breath and cold metal pressed to cheek, I clicked the shutter button forging my first photo.  The light and dark tones seemed to jump from the rear screen as I deciphered the small details of the dune. Upon noticing the detail it struck me the entire dune simply did not fit onto the small screen on the back of the camera – the dune was simply too big. Thinking about my options I decided to return the camera to a vertical shooting position and attempt a multi row panoramic.

My excitement to capture the perfect formation was child like. From left to right, overlapping RAW photos fired off one after another to replicate the scene in front of me. Full of energy and a spring in my step I proceeded to the car after the files saved quickly to the memory card. My thoughts of marrying the photos together and applying an artistic touch were unfathomable. I simply couldn’t wait to get home and put the photographs together.

I have included the original RAW photos below and additionally captured my screen as I turned the merged photos into a fine art photograph.

The above photos were stitched together using PTGui Pro

then edited using Adobe Photoshop CS5.

 The end result


4 comments on “Fujifilm X Pro 1 vs Sand Dunes

  1. Anonymous says:

    I see the result, but it still looks like an uninteresting sandpile.

  2. john says:

    Its what I always suspected, in this day and age, great photos are more about post processing than actual photography. Great end result from a basic photo.

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone. I don’t know who the first person is I can understand what you are saying however this photo was more about testing the cameras stitching ability than anything else. I agree John photography is more about post processing now. Gone are the days of films and darkrooms…now it is digital cameras and photoshop!

  4. Clint says:

    That first poster is a jackass. Awesome result you got, wicked pic.

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