The Google+ One Year Anniversary Photowalk with Leigh Diprose and Paul Pichugin

Do you want to take photos like this?

Leigh Diprose and Paul Pichugin will be hosting the Google+ One Year Anniversary Photowalk here in Fremantle, Western Australia

A photowalk is basically a bunch of photographers meeting together to photograph an area. Photowalks are a great way to meet other like minded people who share the same passion of photography. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional photographer – you are all welcome to come along. For me this is the perfect way to meet other local photographers!

If you are interested in coming along then feel free to join Paul and myself at this free event.  The details are listed below.

The Details:

When: Saturday, June 30, 2012, 7:00am (sharp)

Where: Fremantle Fishing Harbour

SIGN UP and register: CLICK HERE

The Event: Sunrise is at 7.17am. The main photography shoot will be around Fremantle Boat Harbour at sunrise followed by a walk into the City of Fremantle capturing some of the old buildings. We will then finish at 9am for breakfast at The Attic in Fremantle (Bannister Road, Fremantle) were we can sort through photos, mingle and enjoy great food and coffee.

Paid and Free Parking can be found around the city.  Also not listed on the map is a multi-story car park on Collie Street.

What to Bring – Camera and any photography equipment like memory cards, tripod, batteries etc…., money for breakfast (at The Attic) and a good pair of walking shoes.

For additional information on Fremantle’s Fishing Boat Harbour you can visit the following website –

If you have any questions please contact myself or Paul by posting a comment below this post.


Leigh Diprose


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