One Year Anniversary Google+ Photo Walk in Fremantle WA

What a successful event! I would personally like to thank all of the 25 or more photographers who made it to the One Year Anniversary Google+ Photo Walk which I hosted with Paul Pichugin in Fremantle, Western Australia.

I managed to meet more than 24 new faces and a few old mates as we casually strolled Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and the streets of Fremantle. Amazing we even met a few photographers along the way who had no idea about the event but still decided to join us for the entire walk and breakfast!

Hats off to Google for the amazing platform which enables photographers to connect and share photos anywhere.

Over the weekend I am looking forward to seeing some of the amazing photographs from the many talented photographers who came to the event. You will be able to see what happened at the event as Google recently released a new Events feature on Google+. Users were able to connect to the event live from their mobile devices by selecting a Party Mode which allowed uploads of photographs and video. To see the some photos and video go here.

If you missed out on the walk don’t worry. There will be another photo walk planned later in the year. At this stage the location will most likely be around the Perth Hills although this will be advised later on.

Here is a quick shot from a mobile (excuse the quality) of some of the photographers who stayed on for breakfast after the event.

Now I’m off to Albany to photograph some whales so I hope to see some photos later on tonight.

Until then.

Happy Shooting.


2 comments on “One Year Anniversary Google+ Photo Walk in Fremantle WA

  1. Matt Simpson says:

    Was glad to be there.

  2. Ian Beattie says:

    Many thanks to you and Paul for organising the morning Leigh, had a great time.

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