Wedding Photography – Leigh Diprose Photography

I feel an amazing sense of joy when I am asked to photograph a couple’s wedding day. Portraying emotions through photographs is truly a rewarding experience for my myself and my team.

The love shown between the couple on the day is truly the one element that rises over all other aspects in my wedding photography. I never want to stage a photo I simply want to capture the moment as it happens. What makes wedding photography so emotional rewarding for me is the sense of capturing timeless moments and sharing them with the couples family and friends.

Over the last month (June) I have set myself the challenge to share some photographs from a recent wedding I photographed in the south west of Western Australia. These final five images complete the wedding photograph. I do hope you have enjoyed sharing in the many emotions of this recent wedding.

If you would like to learn more about wedding photography by Leigh Diprose Photography you can visit one of my many sites like – Brides Perth

Towards the end of the year there will be a brand new site combining all of my websites. So stayed tuned.

Until next time.

Happy Shooting.



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