Darkness at Mutton Bird

The evolving storm clouds masked the last of the warming light. The sound of the ocean was threatening with wave after wave crashing against the battered landscape. Rock hopping with tripod in hand and camera bag on my tired shoulders I fought my way against the howling wind.

Quickly constructing my tripod I felt like a soldier assembling a weapon. Clouds swarmed above me blackening the sky. By now the ocean was tumbling and churning – the storm was rolling in.  The reflection usually seen on the surface of the water was nowhere to be seen instead violent ripples formed by the wind accelerated across the water.

Taking in the scene for a few minutes I noticed a pattern was developing from the break as it left the shore. The streaming water quickly invaded the shoreline filling every gap, stopping briefly then retreating back into the ocean. I was inspired to capture the ocean rhythm playing around me.

Attaching the fish eye lens to the camera I changed the camera’s settings with solid clicks as my numbing fingers fought the bitter cold.  Looking through the viewfinder I was presented with an almost ethereal scene. Light bounced about on the surface of the detailed rocks while water came from all directions filling the frame with a juxtaposing smooth finish.

Developing this image in Photoshop I am convinced there should be more photographs like this – dark and gloomy. Not every landscape scene should have golden light. Right?

I hope you enjoy this photograph.

Until Next time – Happy Shooting.


2 comments on “Darkness at Mutton Bird

  1. Actually I like dark and gloomy – there is something about the calm before the storm – or even after a storm. Beautiful.

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