Ibis Surrounds

Chaos surrounded me, the chorus of flapping was deafening. Each bird seemed to know the direction of the other as the flock took to wing. A moving dark cloud of beak, feet and squawks captivated me to hold the camera tightly and to compose this image.

I painted this photograph using Photoshop to portray a sense of scale. The movement of the birds frozen in time creates an awareness into how busy life can get. Slowing down our lives lets us look at scene in front of us.  “Beauty lies before us we just have to stop every now and then to see it.” – Leigh Diprose.

The plan now is to print this artwork onto canvas (as soon as my printer is fixed) and display it in the entry. This photograph means quite a bit to me. I hope you enjoy it to.

I’m interested – what do you feel when you see this image?

Until next time – Happy Shooting



7 comments on “Ibis Surrounds

  1. Mara Ambrosie says:

    Makes me feel oddly serene, despite the business it suggests. I guess it is because it is a busy scene, frozen…which in a way makes you realize the calm that lies even in the most hectic of moments. :) Great job!

  2. Anonymous says:

    As above! Serenity! Makes me want to be there in the midst of the Ibis, I can almost visualise being there and the peace and warmth you feel looking into it. Which as Mara pointed out is quite strange given the chaos going on in the shot!

  3. Beautiful – visions of fall as the geese head south. Makes me think of a cool brisk evening and listening for the honking of the geese. Patty

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