Middleton Beach – The Light Show

Wind swept through my hair as I left the car park. Keeping to the sandy path the sight of dune grasses dancing in the breeze caught my eye. I felt the cold gritty sand between my toes which instantly translated into a shiver throughout my body. My warm woollen jumper cut the air as the storm approached. I felt alive.

The outdoors was smelling like a salt pan. The developing scene before me was a place where lifesavers swam and whales sang. Middleton beach was a special place for so many people. Stories unfolded as my camera pointed in different directions. I could see people engaging with others as mans best friend yapped at the approaching tide. Laughing children ran with excitement giving chase to unsuspecting seagulls which tumbled into mid-air. The beach was alive and entertaining.

Waves rode close to the ocean shoreline crashing with anger.  The distant sounds of conversations were muffled by the developing gusts.  Crashing waves echoed in my mind as I lined up the composition.  The tripod was sturdy and heavy in my hand. Brushing sand from the lens I had to take the shot before the storm rolled in – rain was no friend to my camera. Flickering light caught my attention as it shone boldly through the passing clouds.  Emu Point dotted on the horizon was disappearing due to the sand storms forming along the beach. As I adjusted my focus the light broke from the cotton wool blanket above me. The beach grasses shone with vibrance. The colour jumped out and was lifted from the white beach canvas.  Shadows filled with an array of colour while the ocean danced with aquas and blues.. I was photographing mother nature at its grandest. The light show had begun.


2 comments on “Middleton Beach – The Light Show

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