Beauty Abounds in Port Gregory



The world is light; tone; shape and form – its my job as an artist to share life’s intricate details.

Beauty abounds the natural wonders of Port Gregory. Waves turn and tumble roaring as weathered water amasses to the shore. Running in synchronization waves continues their forceful journey along the beach gliding until the evanescent wave reaches its peak. Receding water reflects the final afterglow. The watery rhythm continues as the bright beams fill voids upon the open ocean.

A gazebo stands steadfast upon its foundations as winds howl in its path. Weathered rotting wood holds little protection for the passing traveller. The storm shows no sign of holding back. Light passes through thick developed clouds shedding warmth wherever it lands. The spectacle emerges as low clouds pass; clearing the misty confusion. Crouched with tripod and camera in hand the words develop in my mind. Wind; rain; light and water – the perfect composition.

Canon EOS 1D MK IV – 85mm – ISO 50 – f14 – 1 second – PS CS5



7 comments on “Beauty Abounds in Port Gregory

  1. beautiful photo Leigh. so much drama

  2. Paul Szilard says:

    It is beautiful, but from a Canon? Couldn’t you find your X-PRO? LOL.

  3. Ha! My battery was flat Paul otherwise I would have shot this on the Fujifilm ;)

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