The Scene Was Born

The deafening howl increased as wind shuttled passed my ears.  My vision was temporarily interrupted, the blast of sand in my eyes was agonizing.  Recovering the gritty debris from my vision I wasn’t about to retreat to the car without exercising my camera. Nothing was going to stop me.

The picture before me was developing into a scene…one that was worth waiting for.

The light was starting to revel itself from lost clouds gathering on the distant horizon.  Secure in its footings the wooden jetty stood strong against the battling water thrashing against its dilapidating wooden boards. Seaweed draped over the edge of the wet structure breaking up horizontal repetition within the frame.  My mind raced as fast as the clouds gathered in front of me.

With the fishing trawler awaiting a new dawn  the light above began to broadcast itself between the clouds. A magical glow illuminated the camera sensor into action. The scene was born.
A jetty at Port Gregory Western Australia

If you would like to see the scene I also took from this spot check out my recent post – Beauty Abounds in Port Gregory.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!


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