How Fireworks Can Light Up a Life

Life is fully of uncertainties for most of us. We are pushed to make decisions when life throws up its little and in most cases big challenges.

I for one can not fathom my future and journey into “middle earth” as it were. Feet compounding and traversing upon every step my endless journey through untold trials and tribulations await around each and every corner.

Life is certainly not a straight road. The road is hilly and jagged, full of twists and turns. Along the way your vision can be obscured by these obstructions and its at this point when you think all is lost – I can tell you now it is certainly not.

Looking ahead can sometimes be a daunting task as the corners and unfathomable twists seem to appear from nowhere. Worries and thoughts will flood your mind. It’s at this stage in your life a light may appear. That small shimmer of hope, lighting your way providing clarity as each sparkling flicker gives warmth, hope and fulfilment to light your way into the unknown. Seeing is certainly believing. The distant glow of light falling on the obstacles along your road seem to highlight the small and insignificant mound that seemed to block your way.

When I photographed these fireworks I paused to see each and every face in the crowd reflecting the beauty that exploded before them. Twinkling eyes of young children sheltered by their parents surrounded my photographic technique as the dancing reflections of dazzling colours filled the blackened sky. My road was clear as were the people’s around me. They were all given an escape from the world around them. A new sense of joy filled their faces. This is exactly how a firework can light up someone’s life.

My images are a reflection into myriad of emotion and hope that light can bring into someone’s life. The short burst of pure joy can bring so much happiness. So the next time you gaze upon a beautiful light like a firework know it will provide a spark of pure joy in your life and it will light the way through the many maze of obstacles you may face along your road.



Golden fireworks against a black background


Fireworks exploding against a black background


Fireworks exploding against a black background


Fireworks exploding against a black background


Until next time – Happy Shooting.




3 comments on “How Fireworks Can Light Up a Life

  1. Seng Mah says:

    I really like the way you write about your photography and how close it is to your heart and to your life, Leigh. Keep it up!

  2. I’m really glad you like my posts Seng. Thanks for dropping by and submitting a comment.

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