Winner Announced – F Stop Lounge Photo Competition

I must say this was the first photography competition which I have conducted and what a success! A huge thank you to all the photographers for getting behind this free competition by submitting their motion themed entry! There certainly is some very talented photographers out there! We had over 144 entries which were accepted across the month-long competition.

This competition would not have happened if it wasn’t for the amazing judges who put in a huge effort to get this competition launched. Thanks to André AppelSuzanne ClementsAndy GrayKev IsabethPaul PichuginJack Salzke and Helen Sotiriadis for donating your time and photographic insight.  Also a huge shout out for Don Noll for administrating the entire event. You all are truly amazing photographers, judges and wonderful people so from the bottom of my heart I thank you for all your help.

Below you can see the photos which made the finals as well as the top three photos. Congratulations to Nicola Davidson for the amazing photo which took out first place.

For your information this is how the judging was conducted:

Each of the 8 judges chose their favourite three entries from all the entered photographs. These selected entries formed the finalists.

From the selected finalists the photographs were judged individually and were scored out of 100 on the following criteria –

1.    How well the photo fits the theme of motion.

2.    How creative the photograph is.

3.    How original the photograph is.

4.    What the technical photographic quality is like.

Once an image had been individually scored the judges scores for that image were combined to give a final score.  The finalist that received the highest overall score was selected as the winner.


Images which made it to the finals:

Image by: Roy Ross

Image by: Tommy Lim KW

Image by: Erik Hirner

Image by: Stefan Skouti

Image by: Michael Merkle

Image by Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir

Image by: Samuel tuzza

Image by: Jeff Garris

Image by: Helge Bormuth

Image by: Steve Brooks

Image by: Dylan Fox

Image by: Anthony Rowe



Image by: Swats Bianco Nero



Image by: Ariel Morales


Image by Nicola Davison Reed

Meet the judges and listen to what we thought about the top three images.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!


3 comments on “Winner Announced – F Stop Lounge Photo Competition

  1. Alastair says:

    Was thinking about entering this. Glad I didn’t, there’s no way I could have competed with that calibre. Excellent photos. I don’t begrudge you the choice you had to make in choosing the winners

  2. all great entries, I would not have wanted to be the judge

  3. nikki says:


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