Photography Competition – Hey, Hot Shot!

After working on a recent wedding most of the night I decided to take a break and enter a photography competition. I found myself catching up on emails after being distracted from a photo competition search on google. To my surprise I opened an email from Photojojo and found a link to a Jen Bekman Project called Hey, Hot Shot.

With a competition name like Hey, Hot Shot I knew that this photography challenge was going to be a little different.

I had a quick read of the main page and was surprised to hear that this was more than an ordinary photography competition – “Hey, Hot Shot! provides an ongoing platform for photographers at all stages of their career by providing unrivaled exposure, support and recognition through Bekman Projects (which also includes Jen Bekman Gallery and 20×200).” I continued reading…”Each year, one talented image maker will receive a $10,000 honorarium, in addition to the hallmark awards Bekman Projects offers.”

I was sold. I had to enter! I decided to visit the archives for this competition. Below are the five photos which formed one entry into the competition.The competition closes the 14th November 2012. For more information check out the Hey, Hot Shot website.

water calm

“Hudor Calme”






Parts of this text forming this post were taken from Hey, Hot Shots! website.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!


4 comments on “Photography Competition – Hey, Hot Shot!

  1. Alastair says:

    I would … but for the entry fee. Good luck with it though Leigh

  2. JulesP says:

    Beautiful photos as always, Leigh. I especially love Sumarlina. All the best in the competition!

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