The Sky is the Limit

Ethereal shapes cloud the busy travelling sky as they traverse the barren earth. The freshness of daylight falls upon the earth as wisps of cloud linger on a distant horizon.

A palette of colour opens my eyes as I am led to follow the richness to the heavens. The perceptual cluster seems to engulf its surrounds, the vapour reflecting through its frail formation. Within its banding shadow a darkness lingers upon the earth but as if on a roll the fading light passes and is enthralled into the awe-inspiring light that gives warmth and life.

The clouds are merely a dissipating obstacle along my journey. I am a traveller and my journey has just begun. A new day. A new dawn. The sky is the limit.

Clouds in the atmosphere photographed from a plane

My artistic impression of my writing. Photographed near Japan.

Until next time – Happy Shooting!


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