City Of Perth – Christmas Sparkle

After working most of the day on a photography shoot in the City of Perth I wandered around the streets taking in the sights and sounds of the Christmas celebrations.

Dazzling Christmas decorations, a rotund Santa and a walking Christmas tree (lady on stilts) were some of the festive highlights of the Christmas city scape. The place was full of cheer and joy as families shopped in the summer sun.

Considering the abundance of festive spirit which surrounded me I decided to photograph with a Christmas theme in mind.  So I give you the abstract West Australian version of snow flakes – water frozen in time!

These photos were taken at the fountain at newly developed Forrest Chase. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Sparkle

Christmas Sparkle

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting!


5 comments on “City Of Perth – Christmas Sparkle

  1. I love those shots! Very nice :) Oh and thanks for visiting my little blog :)

  2. […] photographed this abstract of the Perth Arena a few months ago when I was walking through the City Of Perth. Since its completion the building has hosted some major events like Elton John’s opening […]

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